A Busy Wednesday December

Wed. the 1st - Penguin & Swollen Head

Wed. the 8th - Penguin and Swollen Head

Wed. the 15th - The Rejection Show

Wed. the 22nd - Jon & Andy Friedman read at Happy Ending

Wed. the 29th - My SILS's B-Day


More Rejection Show info announced...

December 15th at 8PM

Check it out at www.tremendousrabbit.com/rejection



I'm going to be on some small radio show on 1460 AM talking about rejection and comedy today. I'll try and post some of the interview on the site.


December 15th Lineup

Partial lineup announced for the next Rejection Show!



The rejected short film:
"Santa Claus and the Jew"




Home for the Holidays?

It's the perfect time to dig up your kid movies....

The Movies I Made as a Kid Festival

Did you make movies as a kid? Did you try to make movies as a kid?
Do you want to talk about them and have them seen by large audiences?

Tremendous Rabbit Productions is accepting submissions NOW for
"The Movies I Made as a Kid" Festival....set to be a monthly showcase
in New York City with an annual “Best Of” Film Festival at the end of the
comedy season.

Did you dress up like GI JOE and film it?

Did you make a parody of The Karate Kid except you substituted Yahtzee for
karate? I did!

Whatever you did...music videos, practical jokes, spoofs, full movies, shorts, etc.
Send it in...as long as you were a kid when you made it.


You may be asking what is the definition of a "kid?" I'd like to leave that interpretation open to you....but as
a general guideline you should have been under 18 when you made it, preferably not have had a beard yet,
and other various very adult features. A kid, you know what a kid is. A child.


New Dates

New Dates announced for Penguin & Swollen Head. If you have not had a chance to see this show yet, please do.

December 1st - 8PM

December 8th - 7PM

January 5th, 12th, 26th, 29th - 7PM

at Juvie Hall

24 Bond Street (at Layfayette)

(917) 650 5878

New York, NY 10012

* #6 to Bleecker Street at Lafayette
* R to 8th Street or Prince St
* B,D,F to Broadway/Lafayette

Penguin & Swollen Head


Up Now

My true account of a strange event is up now on Eyeshot.net

You can read it here: The Night I Got Jumped...But Didn't


I'm learning how to gain full control of my Tremendous Rabbit Productions Website. There are lots of elements on it that are out of my grasp. For example, that little news box is un-updatable by me at this time. I see it and I know it's outdated and I want to change it but as of this moment I can't. There are other things that I will have in my control soon.

I want the home page to be more informative. I want to post dates and shows right on the homepage. I also want to put a bigger news box and have a section where you can see when something new has been added to the site. Stuff like that.

Also, Elameno Tees is getting a makeover. It's just taking some time. There are alot of shirts and I keep thinking up new ones. Like this, "My lion is cryin'" Just kidding, that's not a real one. Although now I might have to make it one. Cripes!


The Rejection Show

Come to the Rejection Show tonight! Thanks. www.tremendousrabbit.com/rejection

I'll give you a hug.


Rejected Rejection

I wanted to see if something I performed at The Rejection Show would get rejected if I submitted it for publication. If it were to be accepted I might of had to shut down as my rejected and accepted universes collided...but sure enough...it was rejected.....


Tempting, but I’m afraid that in the end, we’re going to pass. I do appreciate the look.

From: "Jon Friedman" <>>>>>>>@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 15:08:43 -0500
Subject: Rejected "Snaps!" Submissions

Rejected “Snaps!” Submissions
By Jon Friedman

Rejected “Snaps!” Submissions

Snaps: Creative insults from a unique African-American comic art form.

--Your momma’s cookies are so delicious that every time I bite into one I feel like I’m tasting heaven, motherfucker.

--Your momma is so contractually obligated to Verizon that she will be making phone calls with them for two years.

--Your momma’s intake of high fructose corn syrup is ridiculous.

--Your momma looks so much like you that there is no question that you were not adopted. Your father on the other hand looks like a washed up, run down Ray Liotta. What’s that, your father is Ray Liotta?

--Your momma is so fat that she researched gastric bypass surgery on the Internet after witnessing Al Roker’s mediocre success with it.

--Your father is so gay that he admitted it to your momma and now he has the confidence to move forward in a world that has always told him he cannot be who he truly is.


Accidents Happen

Time Out New York listed The Rejection Show as being at The Tank on November 17. The Rejection Show is at P.S. 122 in November. Time Out New York is still the bestest magazine and The Tank remains a great place to see some cool shows. Accidents happen, dudes.



Show good last night too. Enjoyed watching other performers. Went on stage not knowing exactly what I was going to do. Should never do that. I was a tad woozy. Tomorrow, Juvie Hall.



Last night show good. Me at Telephone Bar tonight. Me likes. Swollen Head and Penguin at Juvie Hall again on Saturday at 7PM. Someone called the show Shrunken Head. Shrunken is the opposite of Swollen.


NY Press

Tonight is "Penguin & Swollen Head" at Juvie Hall. There was a nice review of the show in New York Press today....



By Lionel Beehner

WEDNESDAYS AT JUVIE HALL A new theater has emerged in a basement on Bond Street. Juvie Hall, from the founder of Above Kleptomania, showcases an eclectic and experimental cast of sketch comedians. The theater is less a bunch of juvenile delinquents as its name suggests than a group of upstart performers with serious talent. Improv maestro Armando Diaz coaches from behind the scenes.

Wednesday nights feature an excellent combo of two one-man shows. First up is Penguin, a show by Adam Wade, a bespectacled 29-year-old with a New Hampshire accent and a confidence deficiency who chronicles his high school years through song and short monologues. He rhapsodizes and reminisces about failed romances, secret crushes and Winnebagos ("The world is an oyster? Fuck you, it's a Winnebago!"). His high school nickname was "Penguin Boy" (pronounced "pain-goowin boy"), hence the show's title. Anyone who's ever felt insecure or insignificant growing up will appreciate the show. Just don't expect his singing voice to move you to tears.

Keeping with the same theme, Rich Zeroth follows with Swollen Head, a multimedia slide-show, PowerPoint presentation and reality tv show wrapped into one. The show opens with a real-life taped recording of Zeroth as a fifth-grader who fakes his own encephalitis and misses 129 consecutive days of school. Goateed and clad in a red Michael Jordan t-shirt, Zeroth provides hilarious commentary over a slide show of grainy pictures of him and his humble Minnesotan family. "I had inadvertently made myself sick," he says of his ordeal. "Malnourished and dehydrated, I spent three days hooked up to an IV and had to use a bedpan." The show concludes with his telling the family many years later that he was never sick and it was all a prank (which he films by secret camera from their living room). The segment is so candid and real, it's hysterically funny (his sister and parents argue over who clogged the toilet with "poop").

Shrunken Head and Penguin are funny by not trying to be funny. There's no over-the-top humor or straight-up joke-telling. It's like listening to two average guys at a bar recount their funny memories from childhood. Pull up and have a seat—you'll enjoy what you hear.

Juvie Hall may emerge as one of the city's premier comedy venues, given its easy-going atmosphere, intimate stage and convenient location, (the space recalls UCB's humbler digs on 22nd St.). The lobby walls are painted bright purple and the waiting area consists of a collection of Salvation Army furniture (added bonus: a shower stall in the bathroom). The stage area is encased in black walls with a portrait of German playwright Bertolt Brecht clutching a cigar hanging from the wall, smiling at the audience.

Gene Frankel Theater, 24 Bond St. (betw. Bowery &amp;amp;amp; Lafayette Ave.), 212-868-4444; 8, $7.

Volume 17, Issue 45


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