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It's the perfect time to dig up your kid movies....

The Movies I Made as a Kid Festival

Did you make movies as a kid? Did you try to make movies as a kid?
Do you want to talk about them and have them seen by large audiences?

Tremendous Rabbit Productions is accepting submissions NOW for
"The Movies I Made as a Kid" Festival....set to be a monthly showcase
in New York City with an annual “Best Of” Film Festival at the end of the
comedy season.

Did you dress up like GI JOE and film it?

Did you make a parody of The Karate Kid except you substituted Yahtzee for
karate? I did!

Whatever you did...music videos, practical jokes, spoofs, full movies, shorts, etc.
Send it in...as long as you were a kid when you made it.


You may be asking what is the definition of a "kid?" I'd like to leave that interpretation open to you....but as
a general guideline you should have been under 18 when you made it, preferably not have had a beard yet,
and other various very adult features. A kid, you know what a kid is. A child.

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