I'm learning how to gain full control of my Tremendous Rabbit Productions Website. There are lots of elements on it that are out of my grasp. For example, that little news box is un-updatable by me at this time. I see it and I know it's outdated and I want to change it but as of this moment I can't. There are other things that I will have in my control soon.

I want the home page to be more informative. I want to post dates and shows right on the homepage. I also want to put a bigger news box and have a section where you can see when something new has been added to the site. Stuff like that.

Also, Elameno Tees is getting a makeover. It's just taking some time. There are alot of shirts and I keep thinking up new ones. Like this, "My lion is cryin'" Just kidding, that's not a real one. Although now I might have to make it one. Cripes!

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