Definitely Not The Opera

The Rejection Show will be featured on a radio program called "Definitely Not The Opera" this Saturday at noon on the 26th. DNTO is on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) which is Canada's version of NPR.

The content for the segment was recorded at "The Rejection Show" in May of 2005 as well as pre and post interviews.

The segment was produced by Allison Lichter from NPR's Soundcheck.

I'll post the segment on the Tremendous Rabbit website.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Ticket Inquiries

If you're having trouble getting your Rejection Show tickets online for tonight please try again or get tickets from the box office.

When the online ticket sales reaches a certain number it shuts off to allow for walk up sales the night of the show.

I just got word that they will put more up online. But if you can't get them online you still may have a chance to get them at the box office.

I hope that made sense and I hope to see you tonight at The Rejection Show.


Poop humor?

I added the video of my story of my first Onion Headlines submission batch (told at The Rejection Show) to the multimedia section on the Tremendous Rabbit website.

I'm going to add the Michael Winslow story soon.

Lobster and Shirley opening credit sequence is up their too.



Last Rejection of '05

By that I mean the last Rejection Show of '05 is this November 15th.

I'm really looking forward to this one. We have a lot of cool stuff lined up.


Odd Todd toon on Comedy Central Motherload


I did some work on the new Odd Todd Halloween Special cartoon up on Comedy Central's new Motherload site. Check it out (you have to search for it to find it.) I'll be working on more of these toons too.

Comedy Central: Motherload

Also, check out Odd Todd.

P.S. Todd does the animated opening credit sequences for the Rejection Show too.

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