Wieners in the NY Times


The Wiener Philharmonic, a delightfully sophomoric young comedy troupe, performs "Wine Teeth," a sketch show inspired by the history of various kinds of parties, from cast parties to after-parties to funeral parties. Directed by Jon Friedman, last responsible for "The Rejection Show."

Gene Frankel Theater, 24 Bond Street, between Lafayette Street and the Bowery, East Village; 9:30 p.m.; $7. (Also: every Wednesday in February)


The final performance of Penguin & Swollen Head

Saturday January 29th at 7PM. This show is FREE! Adam Wade's Penguin will not be performed as Wade is resting comfortably at his home in New Jersey, he's fine....In it's place we'll have a surprise performance leading into Rich Zeroth's Swollen Head. Come on out and see the show again --or for the first time --it's quite astonishing. Time Out New York calls Swollen Head a "despicable true story."


Written and performed by Rich Zeroth

Ever wanted people to feel sorry for you?

Ever faked sick to miss a day of school?

Ever done it 127 days in row?

A true story about a 5th grader desperately looking for attention who ultimately gets more than he bargained for: A rare brain disease and a school play dedicated to his speedy recovery.



Sat Jan 29th - 7pm

at Juvie Hall

24 Bond Street (at Layfayette)

New York, NY 10012

* #6 to Bleecker Street at Lafayette
* R to 8th Street or Prince St
* B,D,F to Broadway/Lafayette

Slainte Bar & Lounge
304 Bowery (between Bleecker & Houston)


A resting Penguin

Penguin and Swollen Head has been cancelled for this evening due to an unforseen circumstance. The show will go on as planned on Saturday as Swollen Head and (surprise, surprise) with a wrap party celebration after the show at Slainte. Official post coming forthwith.


Big Mac

I've officially changed worlds and I am now a Mac man. I've been a PC guy my whole life but now I am a man. This is why the Tremendousrabbit.com website is lacking behind in updates because I am relearning how to update websites and transferring files over. This post is hilarious. I haven't eaten a Big Mac from McDonald's in about four years.


Look at them...

9:30 PM at Juvie Hall
February 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd

The Gene Frankel
Theater 24 Bond St. (btw Bowery & Lafayette)
New York City

Upcoming upcomings

February is right around the corner... That's weird that I just said that like that. "February is right around the corner." What am I, some sort of man who, speaks....like that? Anyway....

This week is your last chance to see Penguin and Swollen Head! There is a Saturday showing at 7PM and it's going to be a special showing. I'll give that it's own post.

Febraury has The Wiener Philharmonic presenting "Wine Teeth" at Juvie Hall at 9:30 on Wednesdays. Those shows are going to be fun. The Wieners remind me of a time and a place that I don't yet know.

Also, The Dog Show Party '05 is shaping up to be some sort of ridiculous fun.


Fabulous failings

Thanks again to everyone who came out to The Rejection Show on Wednesday night in the cold and the snow. An extra special thank you to those people who came out to the show and couldn't get in. Come back again, please. Did you realize that you were rejected from The Rejection Show....dahahahahaha....haha?....ha.

I'll post some highlights from the show on the www.tremendousrabbit.com website soon. I got some nice romantic polar bear footage. Site updates are coming. I got a new computer and don't fully know how to use it yet. What does this button do? +P^* Oh, I guess it does that.


Rejection Show poem

Tonight is The Rejection Show
I hope that you can go
the forecast calls for snow
Did you ever stub your toe?
Did you, Joe?
As a poet I really need to grow.
To be more like Edgar Allan Poe
Then maybe you'd go
to The Rejection Show.
Tonight at 8PM at P.S 122 on First Ave. & 9th St.


Eat this!

Our good friend Adam Cole-Kelly will be performing at Eating It at the Luna Lounge on Monday the 17th. Let's go see him and laugh. It looks like a great lineup and Adam's stand-up is terrific, especially when he holds soap.

-Host: Mike Britt (Letterman; Comedy Central Presents; Just For Laughs Canada tour)
-Marina Franklin (Last Comic Standing; Tough Crowd; Montreal Comedy Festival)
-Moody McCarthy (Premium Blend)
-Shauna Lane (Dating It; Tough Crowd)
-Adam Cole-Kelly (Eating It first timer; The Rejection Show)
-Jordan Carlos (50 In 50)
-Bang Balutanski (Dating It)
-Jonathan Corbett (Chappelle’s Show)



Somebody got a makeover today and his name is www.tremendousrabbit.com.

CBS comes through!

Yes, indeed that was The Rejection Show on CBS Sunday Morning last week. It was very cool to see it in that context. I'll eventually get that clip up on the TRP website along with some other clips.


Sincerely, New

I put up some new writing on the writing section of my website. These are things that I read at some recent readings. Happy Ending Reading Series and East Side Oral....ya'll.



and knitting...

Holy Jeebus last night was a lot of fun. Thanks to Stuckey and Murray for putting the whole night together. Great, great, fun.


Tonight - January 11th - The Knitting Factory

Tuesday is a night of comedy, music, and …comedy music.


Sketch comedy from The Daily Show’s Bob Wiltfong & Matt Oberg

Comedy and music from Demetri Martin (Conan O’Brien)

Liam McEneaney (Comedy Central’s Premium Blend)

Stuckey & Murray (Comedy Musicians who have started a revolution)

Don McCloskey (Creator of The Turkey Testicle Music Festival)

Jason Reich (Daily Show Emmy Winning Writer)

Matt Goldich (Comedy Central Laugh Riots Finalist)

Jon Friedman (Host of The Rejection Show)

Hosted by Andrew Goldstein (Writer MTV’s Boiling Points)

The Knitting Factory Mainstage

74 Leonard St Tuesday, January 11th

(Between Church St & Broadway) 8pm

(212) 219-3006 $10


Subway: 1 or 9 to Franklin St, or A,C,E, N, R to Canal St.

Bob Wiltfong - http://www.bobwiltfong.com/

Demetri Martin – http://www.demetrimartin.com

Liam McEneaney - http://kidliam.blogspot.com/

Stuckey & Murray – http://www.stuckeyandmurray.com

Don McCloskey - http://www.enormousd.com/

Matt Goldich - http://goldich.blogspot.com/

Jason Reich – http://www.plantsneedwater.com

Jon Friedman - http://www.tremendousrabbit.com/


Get your tickets now!

Tickets are available now for The Rejection Show on January 19th. Get them here and here.

Get 'em now!!



Elamenotees.com has finally launched, but it 'aint done yet. Plenty more goodies coming to the site. Stay tuned.



Launching, launching, trying to launch, launch, I need to launch! Where's the launching!!? LAUNCH! Launch? Jon ANGRY! Jon punch wall! Jon hurt hand. Jon look at hand. Jon hand throb. Jon remember why angry! Jon frustrated! Jon look at hand.


The Rejection Show Jan. 19th Lineup announced

I'm very excited about the level of talent involved with The Rejection Show in January '05. The lineup has been announced! Check it out here THE REJECTION SHOW


Lines I Love

"Can I get you some chocolate milk?"

"What am I, your son?"


Next Rejection Lineup Announced tomorrow....

Yeah, what that says above. Happy New Year.

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