How To Kick People Tonight

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In tonight’s installment of How to Kick People, titled “Missed Connections,” two Jons (Friedman and Ames), a Jesse (Hartman) and an Ophira (Eisenberg) ruminate on, well, we’re not quite sure. But it’s sure to be funny and witty and clever and other assorted glowing adjectives.


Another Delicious Recap

Here's another recap from the Delicious Sandwich Social via Fig and Plum.

Thanks Jessica.


Brown Date Book Planner

My volunteer was so perfect on THIS.


Delicious Fun

It was a rainy and overcast day but we still had a nice turnout for the first annual Delicious Sandwich Social. There was something like 26 sandwiches traded and some nice socializing. Thanks to everyone who participated.

There's a nice little recap via Nate at The Apiary HERE.




Recently my life got all flipped and turned upside down. I was born and raised in a town in West Philadelphia. Most of my time was spent on the playground just doing stuff like chilling out, relaxing all cool, maxing. On one particular day I was playing basketball outside of my school and two guys came up to me, they were clearly looking for trouble. I heard about these guys making trouble all over the neighborhood and I wanted to do something about it. I stood up to them and we got into a little skirmish. When I got home my mom was so scared that she told me that I was going to go live with my aunt and uncle out in California. I guess it was something she was thinking about for a long time but this little fight was the straw that broke the camels back.

I didn’t want to go and leave my roots behind. I like where I come from. She wouldn’t listen. She packed my suitcase and basically sent me on my way. I remember when I got into the cab that the license plate said something like “fresh,” or “flash” and there were fluffy dice hanging from the rearview mirror. It was pretty cool, I don’t remember seeing many cabs like that. Anyway, it was kind of funny cause I told the cab driver to take me to California forgetting that he was only taking me to the airport.

I finally got to my aunt and uncles at around 7 or 8 west coast time. I was relieved to get out because that cab smelled really bad. I think it was the driver. The house was amazing. It was like a huge mansion. I kind of felt like this was my new kingdom. Like I was going to go inside and sit on a throne or something. I was glad to finally be there. It felt ok. Like a new start. I was feeling kind of like a prince.


Stand-Up Tonight

I'm going to do some stand-up comedy tonight. Get some of the ol' rust off. I'll tell some old jokes, mix in a couple of new ones, and perhaps share a little story about my new nephew. That 'aint so bad.

I Can't Believe It's Not Manhattan
Galapagos Art Space
August 23rd - 10pm
70 N. 6th Street (b. Kent & Wythe


The Delicious Sandwich Social

Come out to the first annual Delicious Sandwich Social.

WHEN: Sunday, August 28th @ 1PM
WHERE: Near the Picnic House in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

The Rules:

1. Bring one FULL delicious sandwich (hero, hoagie, roll, bread) with you to the event.

2. Label and submit one half of your sandwich to the DSS advisory board.

3. Sandwiches will be labled with the name of submitter, and/or vegetarian, meat, dairy, etc. This can be done at the event.

4. Every participant will get one half of another participant's sandwich submission and keep the other half of their own.

5. One lucky random sandwich half will contain THE GOLDEN TICKET redeemable for the DSS prize package.

6. Enjoy your sandwiches, find the person who's sandwich you've eaten, throw a frisbee, have some fun!

Delicious Sandwich Social FAQ's

1. Is this event free?
Yes, all you need to participate is a sandwich.

2. Can I bring a hot sandwich?
Sure, but remember, you will only be trading one half of your sandwich so make sure what you bring is also something you like.

3. Who will be inserting the Golden Ticket?
The Golden Ticket will be insterted by Jon Friedman and Jon Bulette. They are ineligible from winning the prize.

4. What is the prize package?
That will be revealed during the actual event.

5. Will there be a man in a sandwich suit hanging around and taking pictures with us?
I surely hope so.

6. Will persons with dietary restrictions (ie. veg.) be paired with another of the same restrictive family?
Yes, they absolutely will. The DSS is diet restriction friendly.

7. I make several "mean" sandwiches...what if I want to bring more than one?
That is absolutely acceptable. The more sandwiches the better!


Fall 2005 Tickets and Memberships at P.S. 122

Fall 2005 Tickets and Memberships go on Sale
Tuesday August 16!


New things on TRP!

Official Rejection Show lineup posted on TRP website!

New Multimedia Page on TRP!

There will be more on there soon. Check out the Andy For Mayor interview live at The Rejection Show!


The Rejection Show Season Premiere Date Announced

Here's some insider information:

The Rejection Show is shifting from Wednesdays to Tuesdays this fall.

Season Premiere: Tuesday September 13th at 8:00 PM - P.S. 122.

Lineup and more info to be announced soon.



Hello my friends. I am finally an Uncle. He just wanted to wait to have an August birthday.

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