Tonight is the NYC Beard & Moustache Championships

New York City Beard and Moustache Championships
when: Tue 5.16 (8pm)
where: Knitting Factory (74 Leonard St, 212.219.3132)
price: $15 / $12 advance


"A harem of mustached men descends on New York Tuesday 16, and its not Fleet Week. The New York City Beard and Moustache Championships (see listings) will crown winners in several facial-hair categories, and will feature several performances by local comics. Producer Jon Friedman promises to keep ladies involved, too, with an artificial hair competition. Somewhere Tom Selleck is fainting."


"In ancient Greece, a beard meant wisdom. Orthodox Jews grow beards for religious reasons. And in 'Broadway Danny Rose', Woody Allen was just Mia Farrow's beard and not her real partner. Add to the list this special variety night combining music, comedy and facial hair. Hosted by Jon Friedman of the Rejection Show, it features the cream of downtown performers, including Comedy Central stand-up Todd Levin, and music by Curtis Eller's American Circus -- a slovenly group whose unshaven appearance normally only scores them hip status, but here awards them actual cash and prizes. Tied in to promote a documentary, the facial hair competition includes categories like freestyle, artificial and patchy. Open to men and women, wacky or conservative, a celebrity panel will judge all styles of beards: the Hemingway, the ZZ Top, the Mr. Miyagi; and mousta"ches: the Saddam, the Poirot, the Rollie Fingers." -- Yon Motskin


"Put your weeks worth of stubble to use at the NYC Beard and Mustache Championships. Extra points if you can actually find enough scraps in your beard to make yourself dinner."


"Looks like the folks behind the New York City Beard and Moustache Championships beat us to the chase and registered the domain name nycbeard.com before we could. Damn! Putting that aside, its beard and moustache season, people! Head on over to the Knitting Factory this evening as a bevy of comedians (Todd Levin, Nick Kroll, Christian Finnegan, et. al.) make facial hair-related jokes and New York Citys hairiest compete in four different hairy categories. Theyre promising celebrity judges and appearances from subjects featured in the upcoming doc, Splitting Hairs, which follows the United States Beard and Mustache team through Europe. We hear theres a Kenny Rogers category. Hairs to that!"
Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St., (212) 219-3006. 8 p.m. $12 in advance, $15 at the door.


"Extravagantly coiffed hair is hardly rare on New York streets, but handlebar moustaches can still turn our jaded heads. Local comic luminaries, including Nick Kroll, Chris Finnegan, and Jon Friedman of The Rejection Show host the New York Beard and Moustache Championships for Gotham's finest facial groomers. The event celebrates Splitting Hairs, an upcoming documentary following the United States Beard and Moustache Team as they travel through Europe to take on the formidable Association of German Beard Clubs at the World B&M Championships. Five of the flick's trophied protagonists judge fuzzy-faced contestants in six categories, including a "Patchy" division for the follicularly challenged and an "Artificial" class for the fairer sex."


"Hairy participants compete for top honors in categories such as patchy, freestyle, Kenny Rogers, and artificial (for the ladies and follicly-challenged) at the first ever NYC Beard and Moustache Championships. In addition to live music from Valley Lodge and Curtis Eller's American Circus, comics Christian Finnegan (VH1's Best Week Ever) and Michelle Collins (VH1's So Jewtastic) are among those slated to introduce the different facial hair categories." Leaya Lee"


"Think the perfect handlebar can top a patchy-faced fellow any day? Not so fast--there's no standard of beauty at the NYCBMC. It's anyone's game up on stage, where multiple categories will face judgement--the quintessential mustache and beard; freestyle for glorified sideburns, goatees and the like; one for patchy looks; even a woman-friendly artificial competition when cross-dressing is encouraged. Prizes will be awarded by comedians, and bands will be performing in between rounds throughout the night."


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