I hope you enjoy the first ever JFI, where I finally get a chance to ask the questions I want to ask.

I chose to interview Rachel Kramer Bussel first because

1) I always wanted to interview someone who does interviews
2) She is a Village Voice Columnist
3) She blogs at LUSTY LADY
4) She is a comedy fan
5) I always wanted to ask her these questions....

'Jon Friedman Interview' with Rachel Kramer Bussel

Hi. How are things?

Things are good, thank you for asking.

You do a lot of interviews. Are you only able to answer me in the form of a
question? I'm just kidding.


Have you ever thought of going on Jeopardy? You know, because of the whole
question asking thing.

I once tried out for college Jeopardy! but soon found that I actually
knew very, very little compared to the real trivia nerds out there.
I'm good at asking questions though.

If you had an uncle named Ben how often would you make references to him
about rice?

(No answer given)

If you saw the book "Tuck Everlasting" in the street would you pick it up
and put it on your bookshelf? What if I told you the author's last name is

Ummmm . . . I don't know. It would depend if I had room in my bag.

Raaaar! Did that scare you? But seriously what scares you. Demons? I bet
it's demons.

Real demons or fake demons? Actually, lots of things scare me—cars,
for one. I'm terrified of them and try to avoid them as often as I

Does this mean anything to you? "When you retire, you're not just retiring
you, man! You're retiring us!"

Sorry, no. I feel like I'm failing your interview here.

Did you cry at the end of Armaggedon? One of my friends did when it was
just he and I watching it on his couch. It was weird.

I don't think I did, but I do cry really easily during super cheesy movies.

You're a sex columnist right? What would you rather do, go bowling with
Geraldo or make pancakes with...Geraldo?

Pancakes, I guess—but can we change it and say cupcakes?

Tell me about some memories you have from loosing your first tooth.

I have an okay memory but I really don't remember this. See? Failing again.

Ok, that's more than enough tooth memories.

Fine! Whatever. I was lying above and I really do remember but just
didn't want to tell you.

What would you rather have...A topless picture of you on a comedy website or a
funny picture of you on a sex website? Oh wait.

No comment.

Thanks for doing the "Jon Friedman Interview"

I'm not sure if you'll want to thank me after reading my answers!

It was Riggs. Riggs from Lethal Weapon 3.

--If you'd like to take part in 'The Jon Friedman Interview' send me an email with the word INTERVIEW in the subject line (but also say more in the actual email.)


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