Ouch! My hand, I slammed it in a door....I'm having trouble typing, ow, ow, it's blue. LIhkfsjhka akjdfhlalk laskdgl;a

My hand is fine.

April Fools.

Ow my hand.

Hand is fine.

Seriously though, this time I really just hurt it.

Hand is fine.

You're not going to believe this but I seriously this time really did just hit my hand and it really kind of hurt.

Hand is fine. April Fools.

Oh my god. My phone just rang and I went over to answer it and hit my hand into the wall. It seriously hurts. I can't even bend it.

Just kidding, my hand is fine.

Happy April Fools Day.

I hate this holiday.

Just kidding I like it. April Fools.

No really, I actually do hate it.

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