'Doody Calls' ends its two month run tonight.

Come on out and see it again or for the first time if you haven't yet seen it because like I said previously just before this that this is going to be the last one ever which means that after tonight you can't really ever see it anymore unless I get it on tape and then you come over to my house and watch it with me but you might not feel comfortable watching it in that way becasue then you might feel obligated to laugh because it will just be you and I sitting there watching this show that was made to be seen live and the sound probably won't be that good and all that and then I'll feel all weird because I can tell that you're just laughing because you'll feel bad and weird about not laughing because I am sitting right there and then I'll probably want to shut it off and start drinking but I really shouldn't be drinking that early in the afternoon and then I'd wonder why you were even in my apartment so early and then I'd start to think about when you're going to leave because what if I need to use the bathroom and then you'll hear me in there because my apartment is so small well it's not so small but it's just a studio and the bathroom is definitely in ear shot and then I'll wind up holding it all in until you leave and then I'll start acting even weirder because I really just have to use the bathroom but I won't really be hearing what you're saying and then you'll be confused and frustrated by me.......

The Peoples Improv Theater
154 W. 29th Street (6th and 7th Ave)
March 31st @ 8PM
Performed by The Wiener Philharmonic
Written and Directed by Jon Friedman
Produced by Jon Friedman, Sara Schaefer and The Wiener Philharmonic
Tickets - $8
2,3,9,B,D,F,V,N,Q,R,W,A,C,E to 34th St.

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