Thanks Ritalin Peeps

Ritalin was a lot of fun last night. All of the performers were great and had a great sense of what the show is all about. Thanks audience!

It looks like Ritalin Readings will be at Mo's every fourth Tuesday of every month. I'm working out the final details right now.

Here's what I read last night.

Questions That I Have For Ronald McDonald
(Written to be read aloud and performed by what are ya gonna do)

You’re a clown, right?

I mean, obviously you are but….are you?

Why do you have such a normal name?

What about Clownio BurgerGiver?

How My Favorite Movies Would Be Different If They Were Starring A Cow
(Tonight's Movie: The Sixth Sense)

Cole/Haley Joel Osment:

(audience volunteer reads)
She wanted me to tell you she saw you dance. She said when you were little you and she had a fight, right before your dance recital. You thought she didn't come see you dance. She did. She hid in the back so you wouldn't see. She said you were like an angel. She said you came to the place where they buried her. Asked her a question? She said the answer is... everyday. What did you ask?

Lynn/Toni Collette
(Sound effects from a tape recorder)
Mooooooo, mooooo, moooooo, moooooo...

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