Song Titles From My Album In High School

Here are the song titles from my critically acclaimed album I made in High School:

1. Blacks and Whites
2. I’m So Impressed (With Your Hitting Streak)
3. Fuel Me Up
4. Coffee Cakes with Medicine
5. Brushy Brushy (cover)
6. Selma Tannenbaum Retirement
7. To the Tic-Toc – Ya Dig My Flakes?
8. Never Nervous Pervis
9. Food No Waste (You Say It’s Dry)
10. Reappearing Bob
11. Dyin’ In Ya Arms Tonight (cover)
12. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead
13. Eat a Bag of Poo, How ‘Bout You?
14. Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar (cover)
15. Malakov, Is He For Real?
16. If I Had a Pool I’d Swim All Night
17. Whore (Maybe)
18. Around the Maypole

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