Who I look like?

People often tell me that I look familiar or that I remind them of someone else but they can't quite figure out who it is. More than a handful of times those people will run back up to me and say, "I know who it is! You remind me of my brother's friend!"

Now, everytime I get the look or the question --I say right away, "I remind you of your brother's friend." More than once the response has been "YES!"

But every so often I am greeted with an immediate match to a celebrity that "I look like." Here is the (all true) roster of celebrities I've been told I resemble or remind people of:

This is Jackson Browne. I was stopped in a store by a man who asked if he knew me. Then he said, "No wait, you look like Jackson Browne."

That's David Faustino. You may know him better from this...
I'm not very tall but I've got a good four inches on him.

That's Bernard Gilkey, former New York Met.

Sometimes the comparisons are flattering but then I remember that these types also had other roles like this...
I sort of had hair like that in 7th grade.

Again, flattering but I think they were leaning more towards this...
I have that shirt.

That one was not nice.

That one is weird.

There are some that insist on this one. It's Jeremy Piven. He can also look like this....
and so can I.

Oh, Spiderman? Cool, thanks.

Oh, from before that. Yes, right. Right.

And there are those that say I have a slightly Japanese quality to me.

Then there is this guy. Wait, that is me.



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