Dear Web Designer,

I want to let you know that I think the websites that you design are really cool looking. The work you’ve done on my site is great. Really it is. I love the colors and the layout. You know I’ve been excited about its official launch for a long time.

I want to tell you something. Since you’ve started designing my site I met someone else. I didn’t mean for anything to happen between us but things kind of escalated. We had a few talks about hosting fees. He knows Flash. It just kind of happened. I didn’t even know he designed websites when I first met him. It was at a fundraiser event. After the evening, I logged on to the event's Website to see the next month’s activities. I’ve been to a lot of Websites since you first started designing mine but this one made me feel -- different. It was so easy to navigate. I started logging on to it a lot. It had a message board. The updates were almost daily and I found myself wondering what it would be like to have updates as soon as I needed them. When I found out that it was he who designed that site I started to feel confused. I really like the work you’ve done so far but it’s been taking too long. I know I said that it didn’t matter how long it took and I can work around your schedule but my needs have changed. The amount of information that I need on my site has advanced faster than I thought could happen.

I’ll never forget when you showed me that first mock up. It was exciting and new. But I haven’t felt that excitement for a long time. Designing a site for someone is more than just plugging in text when you have the time. Don’t take this the wrong way but --I don’t think you can keep up with me. This is not your fault. I’m not used to having a web designer in my life. I told you that I need someone who won’t make me feel bad about asking for sudden updates. I think this new guy can do this for me and I want to try with him. He doesn’t yet know because I wanted to tell you first. I hope you respect that. I’m going to send him my FTP information tomorrow.

I know that there’s a great client out there for you. Whoever that lucky person is will have a terrific site with nice splash pages. I never meant for it to happen this way. I hope I can still add you as a link. If it’s too weird I’ll understand.


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