The email read at WYSIWYG (actual email sent to coworkers)

Dear Everyone,

As you may have heard tomorrow is my last day here. I got a job working for a marketing company. Their main goal is to examine their product, a “Mirror Hat” and their various innovative marketing techniques and its effects. The “Mirror Hat” looks like a regular hat except it is covered in mirror sheets. Imagine if all of the fabric on your hat were mirrors. That’s a mirror hat. I really believe in this product. I think it’s the latest and greatest in hat. On Monday morning I am to report to work and wear the “hat” around the city. I’ll have a notebook and a wind blocker. I’m supposed to record the reactions of males ages 14 – 90 and ask questions to anyone milling about. Some of the questions are as follows.
1. So, what do you think of my hat?
2. Do you like this hat?
3. Look at these mirrors on this hat.
4. Would you wear a mirror hat?
5. What do you all think of this?
6. Hat!
7. What’s your deal?
8. But seriously, mirror hat?
I’m a bit nervous about this but I think I can handle it. After all I did organize the fax room. Thanks for the memories.

Jon F.

There's more here www.tremendousrabbit.com/writing

Thanks ya'll.

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