April 20th

The Rejection Show returns to Performance Space 122 on April 20th!

Listen to the new "Rejection Show" piece from NPR's All Things Considered that aired April 5th!
"A Visit to The Rejection Show"

The Rejection Show
"Failure is fun!"
April 20, 2005
Hosted by Jon Friedman

Mike Daisey
(Author, 21 Dog years, All Stories Are Fiction)

Sara Schaefer
(Comedian, Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You)

Jane Borden & Susanna Hegner
(Freelance joke writers for SNL’s Weekend Update)

PC Vey, Glen Le Lievre, & Matt Diffee
(Cartoonists, The New Yorker)

The winner of the
“Clap with Rejectee Contest!”
Adam Cole-Kelly's
Rejection Inspection
and more rejection surprises!

Enter the "Clap with Rejectee" Contest and you can be the one clapping with Rejectee "The rejected Rejection Show mascot" at the April 20th Rejection Show.

Rejectee claps to "We Will Rock You" by Queen to open every Rejection Show. It's terrible.

To enter:
Tell me in a haiku why you should win this contest.
Winners also receive two free tickets to the show.
Send submissions to

What is The Rejection Show?
The Rejection Show is a comedic based event that embraces the rejected or “turned down” material
of writers, comedians, cartoonists, and artists whom display their creative “failures” live on stage.

April 20, 2005
P.S. 122 @ 8PM - $7
150 1st Avenue and 9th St.
F train to 2nd Ave., R to 8th St., 6 train to Astor Pl.
Tickets available via Ticketweb.com or at the P.S. 122 box office



This month we're offering a two-fer deal with the good folks at The WYSIWYG
Talent Show! See WYSIWYG on the 19th and The Rejection Show on the 20th
for a combined total of only $10 — saves you four bucks! Call the
P.S. 122 box office at 212-477-5288 or visit Ticketweb.

Elizabeth Spiers (mediabistro.com/fishbowlny)
Daniel Radosh (radosh.net)
Jon Friedman (tremendousrabbit.com)
Michelle Collins (youcantmakeitup.blogspot.com)
Brian Grosz (blog.doctorgrosz.com)
Frank Beekman (accidentalnewyorker.blogspot.com)
Andy Horwitz (andyschest.com/wp)

Our Price: $7

Tickets available by clicking HERE or at the P.S. 122 Box Office


What are they saying about The Rejection Show?
"Ever wonder what you're not seeing? Each month comedians perform pieces that have been rejected by anything from Conan O'Brien to The New Yorker..."

“Novelists, TV writers, stand-up comics, cartoonists, filmmakers, recording artists, dramatists and poets come together for a friendly but edgy celebration of failure.”

"In New York, audiences are finding that failure is fun!"

"'The Rejection Show' is a refuge for the rebuffed, a haven for the heave-hoed,
a destination for the deep-sixed."

"…Not just a brilliant idea, it’s a well executed one."

"'What do you get when you display a whole bunch of stuff that didn’t make the cut at the New Yorker, Conan,
and a bevy of other shows and publications? Evidently, some funny shit.”

"True to it’s maxim, ‘Just because it’s been rejected doesn’t mean it’s not good,’ the show continues to attract an audience that can relate.”

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