"Brutal Honesty" tonight!

"Remember when you were a total slut in college? Remember when people saw you being a total slut in college as you made the 6:00am trek back to your dorm room wearing the same clothes as the night before? If so, then “Brutal Honesty: The Walk of Shame” at Sutra 16 is for you." --GAWKER

SUTRA 16 First Ave (at first and first)8PM!

"NYC's best Stand-ups and writers tell all in this hilarious new reading series. Your mouth will drop when you hear what Jon Friedman, Jeffrey Dinsmore, Giulia Rozzi, Lianne Stokes and the adorible Becky Yamamoto have to say. This week's topic... Ahhh.. THE WALK OF SHAME. I don't know about you- but my ears are glued. Only $5 cover!"--UPCOMING.ORG

Brutal Honesty
February 21st - 8PM
16 1st Avenue & 1st
"Walk of Shame, College Tales"

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