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Hipsters are hard to clothe
. It's a sad fact—everything you like we liked like, two years ago, snore, you fucking conformist lame-o. Go back to the Gap! But we can't live on cigarettes and PBR alone. No, we too need a new shirt now and then, and the more ironic, the better. Threadless still has some awesome shirts in stock (you snooze, you lose, biatch). Our pick is clearly the unicorns bumping uglies. That's priceless.

Get goin. Image: founditemclothing.comDon't forget the 80s movie shirt. Real Genius, Revenge of the Nerds, UHF, Strange Brew--these are all essential viewing for cool kids. There is nothing more hardcore than an Elsinore Beer shirt.

Still too obvious? Really go the distance with Elamenotees, so you can wear a joke that no one, even you, really gets. THAT is what coolness is, friends. Actually, we think these shirts are hiiilarious.

Fine, fine, fine, you want a more DIY approach without actually having to, you know, do it yourself. You can head over to the T-shirt Deli at 1739 North Damen to have your idea slapped on a shirt for all to see. It's not particularly cheap, but then, neither are you.


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